This is so cool! I read something recently about dangerous Vs scary - where things which we're scared of aren't really dangerous and the stuff we're not scared of are statistically more dangerous. Not sure how that ties into this but I thought of that while reading :)

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Love this idea and the design. Your success if guaranteed, my friend! A good entry here as my first read. I'm a huge fan of graphics too!

A couple notes: as I read your "About" I was wondering, "Who is this guy who thinks he knows enough about everything?" (read that in a gentle tone, please!) I was curious to hear if you're a journalist, a doctor, a teacher - or even just relentlessly curious. I would have accepted any description, but it left me wondering where you're coming from.

Also: "exactly 500" words seems a bit limiting. Made me think if you fell short you might add filler. Or you might skip topic that required extreme condensing. This could be a case of me taking marketing copy too seriously, tho but I felt "in around 500 words" felt better.

Regardless, love your newsletter, going to dive into the next ones ASAP. Hope you dont mind the feedback! Sending good vibes!

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Sending good vibes.....

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"We’re so averse to losing that we become more open to risks when faced with losses" - This reminds me of the movie which I shall not name, cuz that's rule number one. ;)

"It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything."

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Great Louis, I love the format of these, super smart!

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