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Thanks for the read Louis - Interestingly, I often remember my dad saying that the ability to operate without extremes (unaffected by highs or lows) is how he got ahead through life. Nice to read philosophy behind it

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Glad you liked it!

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Liked the decision making flow chart- says it all

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Thanks Manuel!

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Wonderful article! Thanks for sharing :)

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"Reality doesn’t care about your opinion, so quit living in denial and accept it as it is." What a line to live by.

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Thank you for putting in the effort. Curious though— why cant some topics have an extended writing. Say a link after the 500 words for someone interested in reading more and you could continue the 500 into 1000-1500.

This allows greater read time on metrics ofcourse and users might benefit more, also = more shares.

Let me know what you think.


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Hey Ahmed.

I intentionally keep it to exactly 500 words for 2 reasons:

1. It ensures that readers know what time commitment to expect with every article.

2. It forces me to figure out what is truly important about a topic and only include those parts.

It's a real challenge to condense everything to 500 words, but it is what I signed up for!

I could include links for further reading that are available on the internet, but I try to make sure that everything worth knowing is present within the article.

I'm not too concerned about reading time metrics, since I'm trying to do the opposite - save people time by helping them learn about subject in the least amount of time possible.

Let me know if you agree, or if I'm missing something?


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Well I am on-board w/ the exact thinking. The email delivered must never be more than 500 since that’s exactly what the user signed up for. Any change and it will cause leakage.

But a link below which can take the user into a denser read— one written by you and covers the topic in depth for the exact reason since you are well researching the topic.

Clearly if you are condensing a subject into 500 words, you will atleast have to read over 20,000 + words to make the reader’s time worthwhile.

I don’t in anyway intend to suggest you increase the email word-limit, but each topic should have an extensible further read to know more on your thinking, your analysis, your findings. It allows you to put your opinions, facts, trends forward which many would traditionally value and opens up possibilities of conversations.

That said, sure the other option could be backlinks etc. for further reading wherever you may have gathered facts but it’s sending people away from your blog. Depends what you are trying to achieve.

Happy reader eitherway :)

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Ah yes I totally understand.

However I don't think I have the bandwidth (or talent at the moment) to write more than 500 words without dropping the quality.

Most of my prep work includes rough notes in Roam, in language that is very rough, to put it gently! Not sure you'd appreciate reading through it!

However, I'll consider putting links to external sources of information for folks like you who want to dive deeper into a particular topic.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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